Any payment method you choose when you order its decoration.
Payment in the shop made ??only in rubles. After confirming the order operator online store payment method can not be changed.


The most common and convenient way to pay for purchases. You give the employee money Delivery Services upon receipt of order. Please note that gift cards ELDORADO not accepted.

Online payment by credit card

We accept online payments next payment systems:
Visa       MasterCard       JCB       DCL      
It does not accept credit cards Visa and MasterCard without code CVV2 / CVC2.
Payment for orders made ??via the Internet immediately after its registration.
The minimum payment is 500 rubles.
If you have paid your bankcard and then abandoned it, a refund of the money transferred to your bank made ??(card) account.


This is the only method of payment if the order is issued by a legal person. The minimum order for the invoice is 3500 rubles.
Upon receiving the order, you must have a power of attorney from the contracting authority and identity. Together with the order issued by the bill, invoice, bill of lading.

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